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Master de recherche: Marketing Studies & Development

Objectifs de la formation

  • Allow students to gain in-depth knowledge of the epistemology of research and marketing theory.
  • Initiate them to the methodological approaches and the required analytical tools to carry out studies in this field.
  • Make them discover the main recent developments in the marketing world.

Spécificités du parcours

All courses are taught in English. Hence, students will be better prepared for marketing research, as the available literature is usually written in English. This will afterwards enables them to publish in this language, which is used by most of leading scientific journals.

Conditions d'accès à la formation

This program is open to students that hold a Bachelor or a Master degree in Marketing, Management, Business Studies, Human Resources Management or any equivalent diploma.


  • Knowledge of the basic concepts of marketing
  • Written and spoken English skills
  • The GPA (Grade Point Average) obtained during the years of the last degree must be higher than 12/20 (Numerical Grading System)

Prespectives du parcours

Professional perspectives

Researcher, analyst, expert or consultant positions in various national and international organizations and in major companies

Academic perspectives

  • PhD studies
  • Teaching positions in universities where courses are taught in English


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 Adresse : Rue Abdlaaziz il Behi. Bp 763.  4000 Sousse Tunisie
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